The best time to buy NFTs is when gas is low.

But sometimes it’s not that easy. When there are a lot of transactions on the network, things can start becoming clogged. At that point, gas prices go up…and there isn’t much you can do about it.

However, there are a few things you can do to try and combat high Ethereum gas prices:

Wait for the prices to go down

Gas prices tend to fluctuate over time, and they may go down if there is a decrease in demand for Ethereum.

Use a different Ethereum network

There are several Ethereum networks that you can use, such as the Ethereum Classic network or the xDAI network. These networks may have lower gas prices than the main Ethereum network.

Optimize your contract code

If you are the contract owner, you may be able to optimize your contract code to reduce the gas costs of executing transactions.

Use a gas price oracle

A gas price oracle is a service that provides real-time data on the current gas prices of the Ethereum network. You can use this information to set a lower gas price for your transactions, which may help them to get mined faster.

Consider using an Ethereum layer 2 solution

Layer 2 solutions, such as Ethereum plasma or the Lightning Network, allow you to execute transactions off-chain, which can reduce the gas costs of using the Ethereum network.

Use a different blockchain

If the Ethereum gas prices are consistently high, you may want to consider using a different blockchain that has lower transaction fees. Solana and Tezos both have NFTs with very little to no gas costs. Unfortunately, they just might not have the NFTs you’re looking for.

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